Workshop-Harnessing the Semantic Web for your Organization

These page documents a workshop organized by Alan Ruttenberg for BioIT World 2008.

Increasingly, companies are turning to Semantic Web technologies for help in solving the difficult data integration challenges that are prerequisite to making effective progress in areas such as translational medicine, understanding mechanism of action, and effi cient management of regulatory documentation. This workshop will demonstrate the maturing state of these technologies focusing on deployment strategies for successfully embracing Semantic Web technologies in your organization. Attendees will leave the workshop with: 1) an understanding of the basic components of Semantic Web technology, 2) case study and deployment examples of how organizations are using Semantic Web technology, 3) knowledge of tools and 3rd party organizations to consider using to help implement Semantic Web technology, and 4) having had the opportunity to share their business issue or challenge and receive peer and expert feedback on strategies to handle it. The workshop format will combine lecture presentations and interactive group exercises.



  • Harnessing the Semantic Web for your Organization - Alan Ruttenberg

  • Using Semantic Metadata for Integrative Problem Solving - Maurice Manning

  • A Protein Thesaurus - Elgar Pichler
  • Automating Taxonomy and Ontology Creation - James Golden
  • Reasoning with OWL in the Enterprise - Sherri Coronado, Gilberto Fragoso, Mike Smith

Activity and Discussion

  • Placement of NCI Quality terms in PATO. Sherri de Coronado selected a set of terms that might be considered in the domain of PATO, relevant to a project in which PATO is being imported in to the thesaurus. The goal was to figure out whether these terms were already in PATO, and if not, where they might be placed.