Shared names

Agenda - what needs to be done


  • What the URIs should look like (host name(s), paths)
  • What the RDF should look like
  • What the GRDDL should be
  • How to initialize the database registry
  • How to maintain the database registry
  • How to maintain community registry of value-added services
  • Whether using OCLC's PURL server ( is a goal
  • Software platform
  • Whether 404 is required for nonexistent records
  • How to implement redundancy and failover
  • Ways to access server information - e.g sparql, downloads of various forms, feeds.


  • Choice of domain name "heirs" in case of disbanding
  • Funding (hardware, programming, maintenance)
  • How to manage replicates, administratively
  • DNS caretaking
  • What should go on the home page(s)
  • Steering committee procedural rules

Steering committee

See: Shared names steering committee rules of engagement

Steering committee members

David de Roure Carole Goble Scott Marshall Maryann Martone
Vladimir Mironov    Marc-Alexandre Nolin    Jonathan Rees    Alan Ruttenberg   
Trish Whetzel Mark Wilkinson   

Note: The Shared Names project is not a project of Science Commons. Science Commons is hosting its web pages until it has its own web site.