Differences between v0 and v1

Incompatible content changes

Compatible content changes

  • We have updated the content to current versions of MeSH, Medline, all OBO ontologies, GOA, Homologene, and other sources.
  • We have added nine additional species to our NCBI extractions. (TBD: list them somewhere.)
  • The default graph contains the union of all of the other graphs, and queries that do not specify a graph perform better now than formerly. There is no need for FROM or GRAPH clauses, and if you have them in your queries you should remove them.

SPARQL endpoint changes

  • It appears that due to some change in Virtuoso, it is now necessary to write, in filters, str(?foo) where a simple ?foo formerly sufficed.
  • It appears that in older versions of Virtuoso, untyped literals were given a type of xsd:string. Now this doesn't happen; instead untyped literals have no specified type in query results. (This difference shows up in the XML serialization of sparql query results.)