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See http://obofoundry.org/ and http://www.berkeleybop.org/ontologies/ for general information on OBO.

Graph: Each OBO ontology is in its own named graph, with name http://purl.org/science/graph/obo/X where X is the abbreviated namespace name for the ontology (e.g. http://purl.org/science/graph/obo/GO for the Gene Ontology).

Ontologies are loaded from http://www.berkeleybop.org/ontologies/obo-all/. See the XML file ontology_index.xml in that directory for a complete list.

Files were downloaded 2008-09-19 or later.

A small number of ontologies have no .owl file or do not load correctly; these have been omitted.

The part_of relation in all OBO ontologies (and elsewhere in the RDF distribution) is normalized to http://purl.org/obo/owl/OBO_REL#part_of before being included in the Neurocommons RDF distribution.