Graph: http://purl.org/science/graph/ncbi/gene-pubmed

The top of gene-pubmed.ttl.gz in the RDF library looks like this:

@prefix b: <http://purl.org/science/owl/sciencecommons/describes_gene_or_gene_product_mentioned_b> .

<http://purl.org/commons/record/ncbi_gene/1> b:y <http://purl.org/science/article/pmid/15221005> ,
   <http://purl.org/science/article/pmid/15461460> ,
   <http://purl.org/science/article/pmid/3610142> ,

Each triple is stated as a result of encountering the PubMed id somewhere in the ASN version of the Gene record (record number 1 in this case).

Try the following query at the SPARQL form (or endpoint):

select ?p ?o
   <http://purl.org/commons/record/ncbi_gene/3064> ?p ?o.

This graph also contains updated Medline links and gene summaries from the ASN files, under the sc:has_entrezgene_summary property.