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Graph: http://purl.org/science/graph/medline/subject-headings

Each journal article citation that is added to Medline is given subject headings (MeSH) by NLM curators. This bundle provides all of those headings in the form of relationships between articles and headings.

The key relationships are sc:has-as-major-mesh and sc:has-as-minor-mesh. Unfortunately, the domain of these relationships is the Medline citation record itself, even though the headings more properly apply to the article that they describe. This may be fixed in a future version.

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@prefix c: <http://purl.org/science/owl/sciencecommons/> .
@prefix m: <http://purl.org/commons/record/mesh/> .
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D000368 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D002292 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D002292Q000150 ;
  c:has-as-major-mesh m:D002292Q000601 ;
  c:has-as-major-mesh m:D017115 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D006417 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D006417Q000209 ;
  c:has-as-major-mesh m:D006417Q000601 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D006801 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D007680 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D007680Q000150 ;
  c:has-as-major-mesh m:D007680Q000601 ;
  c:has-as-minor-mesh m:D008297 .