The Neurocommons RDF distribution is organized into modules or "bundles". Following is list of what's provided. Each has its own page of documentation.

In most cases bundle B corresponds to named graph http://purl.org/science/graph/B.

Bundle Description Documentation
Derived from MeSH:
mesh/mesh-skos MeSH polyhierarchy represented using SKOS courtesy van Assem et al. /mesh/mesh-skos
mesh/qualified-headings MeSH qualified headings - defines one URI for each valid major/minor heading combination /mesh/qualified-headings
Derived from Medline:
medline/subject-headings Medline: NLM MeSH subject headings for all articles /medline/subject-headings
medline/titles-years Medline: title and year of publication for each article /medline/titles-years
Derived from NCBI:
ncbi/goa NCBI Gene Ontology annotations /ncbi/goa
ncbi/homologene NCBI Homologene selection /ncbi/homologene
ncbi/gene-info NCBI Gene gene synonyms extraction /ncbi/gene-info
ncbi/gene-pubmed Links from NCBI Gene to Medline /ncbi/gene-pubmed
bams BAMS (Brain Architecture Management System) /bams
galen Galen ontology /galen
obo/all All OBO ontologies /obo/all
mesh-eswc06 Supporting ontology for conversion of MeSH polyhierarchy to RDF /mesh-eswc06
nci-thesaurus NCI thesaurus /nci-thesaurus
sciencecommons Ad hoc Science Commons ontology /sciencecommons
senselab Senselab /senselab
skos W3C SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) ontology /skos
pdspki PDSP Ki /pdspki
addgene Addgene plasmid catalog /addgene
neurocommons-text Neurocommons text processing pilot /neurocommons-text
aba ABA (Allen Brain Atlas) /aba
reactome Reactome records (direct from RDB) /reactome
inferred-relations Transitive closure of subclass and part_of /inferred-relations
New in version 2 (forthcoming):
amino-acid Amino acid ontology /amino-acid
bfo Basic Formal Ontology /bfo
hla IMGT/HLA /hla
hpo Human Phenotype Ontology /hpo
iao Information Artifact Ontology /iao
mahco Stemnet MaHCO /mahco
medline/abstracts Medline abstracts /medline/abstracts
medline/alleles Mentions of HLA alleles in Medline abstracts /medline/alleles
medline/backbone Medline 'backbone' /medline/backbone
ncbi/gene-backbone Entrez Gene 'backbone' /ncbi/gene-backbone
ncbi/gene-names Entrez Gene gene names /ncbi/gene-names
nif Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) ontology /nif
omim OMIM links to Pubmed and to HLA allele mentions /omim

The best way to get bundles is via the RDF installer (RDFherd), but they are also available via HTTP at [1].